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This research assessed the effects of early intervention in classes to improve academic outcomes of the modular approach among learners in Mathematics as the basis for modified supplemental activities in mathematics. Questionnaires were distributed to the randomly selected secondary students in Mathematics. The research employed a descriptive-quantitative method. 133 respondents were composed of teachers and students. The research explores the demographic profile of the teacher-respondents as to age and gender, civil status, field of specialization, highest educational attainment, position, years of teaching experience, training and seminars attended, performance rating, and common platform used while for student-respondents was as to age and gender, average household income, residential location, common gadget used, and home tutor. The result describing the level of acceptability of the modular approach was described as Disagree while the academic performance of the student-respondents in Mathematics was described as Near Mastery. The test of significance shows no relationship thus, the null hypothesis was Accepted. There were challenges and barriers identified in this research. Based on the findings of this research, it could be concluded that there were issues in the status of acceptability of the modular approach. These issues greatly affected the students' academic performance in Mathematics, resulting in near mastery levels. Accordingly, it is recommended that simplified modular instructional activities be considered to improve the acceptability of the modules about students’ academic performance in Mathematics.



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